Can online checkweigher accurately select unqualified mask?

2020-07-25 15:12:47

Modern women pursue perfection, facial mask as a beauty tool, beauty experts even three a day.In the modern production process, in order to ensure the pass rate of facial mask, if the use of manual inspection, not only slow, and high cost.This is where the online check weigher comes in handy.It solves the problem of difficult recruitment and high labor cost.Use the automatic check weight machine, replace the traditional manual operation, do an investment in production operation, reduce labor costs, reduce wastage phenomenon, achieve automatic industrial production, improve production efficiency.


Face mask sorting process:

1. Check the scale under the condition of static weighing, and set the product parameters in the automatic checkweigher scale system at the beginning of product sorting.

2. Click the "Start" button on the touch screen.

3. Start to deliver the mask to the conveyor belt of the automatic check weigher (automatic or manual can be selected according to the actual situation of the company).

4. Fengling automatic checkweigher automatically sorts the mask, and only need to transfer the sorted products to the next production process.

Features of checkweigher

1:Checkweigher is also called crane, weighing balance, weight sorting machine, weight detection machine

2: The elimination methods include panel tumover type,air-sweeping type,dropped type,push type and driving lever type.You can choose the elimination method freely.

3: Sorting speed up to 300 times/min, the highest accuracy ±0.1g.

The sorting speed of fengling automatic mask checkweigher can meet customers' requirements and customize the speed of the conveyor belt.

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