JunLeBao Food Co., Ltd using bottled drink checkweigher

2020-07-25 14:05:20

JunLeBao Food Co., Ltd using bottled drink checkweigher of Shanghai Shigan.This online check weigher is tailored to meet the actual production and customer requirements.


This check weighing scale is under satisfies the requirement of practical production and customer tailored for the enterprise by the high speed of dynamic weight reading way checkout line on the weight of the product, can detect the continuous production line in the weight of the unqualified products, and in accordance with the execution of up and down the line or weight control of automatic sorting, especially suitable for packaging products of the missing parts check.The packing products pass the inspection and weighing test, the qualified ones are sent back to the original conveyor belt, the unqualified ones are removed (or the machine is stopped by alarm), and the products are classified and counted according to the setting.It can save manpower and improve efficiency.





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