Constituent parts of online checkweigher

2020-07-25 15:53:38

The online checkweigher ,as known as weighing machine, sorting scale or automatic check weigher ,is to pass the loaded goods through the weighing platform at a certain speed. In this process, the weight value of the bagged goods is dynamically measured, and the unqualified goods are removed by the executing agency.So what does its hardware consist of?


1. Computer: the center of data acquisition, data management and control decision of the whole measurement and control system.

2. Signal detection: it mainly refers to two pressure sensors with high accuracy, which are responsible for real-time conversion of quality signals of dynamic weighing and transmitting the converted electrical signals to the data acquisition board.

3. Signal conditioning circuit: Amplify, excite, linearize, isolate and filter the signal.

4. Data acquisition card part: including the data acquisition card and its supporting equipment, the collected data will be converted into A/D and transmitted to the computer for further analysis and processing;Then the computer output control results through D/A conversion, output to the control part.

5. Control part: it is processed by the computer according to the control parameters, and the control result is obtained through certain control algorithm, and the control result is transmitted to the actuator.

6. Executing agency: Executing agency shall take corresponding actions according to the control results, and remove the substandard packaging products in time.

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