The flow of online dynamic checkweigher machine in assembly line

2020-08-29 09:47:31

Online dynamic checkweigher machine as known as automatic check weight machine,weighing scale,sorting machine,check weighing machine,weight checker,weight inspector and so on.

Online dynamic checkweigher machine according to the weight of the running product to determine whether the product conforms to the production requirements of the specification component, and then the unqualified product red light alarm, active removal of processing a kind of pipeline weighing equipment.The Online dynamic checkweigher machine is a belt type industrial scale.Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, health products, daily chemical, battery, light industry and other industries online high-speed packaging heavy application.


Operation process of online weighing machine:

1. The tested product enters the active inspection weigher from one end of the assembly line and speeds up the delivery to the weighing section through the speed matching section;

2. During the movement of the detected product in the weighing section, the sensor of the weighing machine degenerates under the action of gravity, causing its impedance to change. An analog signal is output to the weighing module analog-to-digital converter by the expanded circuit, which is then converted into a digital signal and transferred to the processor of the weighing module;

3. Weight module processor enlarges and identifies component signals. If the product component exceeds the preset upper and lower limit values of components, the processor outputs a kill instruction to the kill device on the kill segment, and then removes unqualified products from the kill segment.

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