Instructions for proper use of the conveyor belt check weigher

2020-07-18 15:21:31

Conveyor belt check weigher (also known as online check weigher, sorting weigher and weight recognitionmachine) was born in 1953. It is a high-tech equipment that can dynamically detect whether the weight of products reaches the standard and quickly eliminate defective products.Recently, weighing machinehas entered the production line of all walks of life, it can bring many benefits to enterprises, especially the advantages of high precision, high speed, favored by leading enterprises in all industries.Shanghai Shigan focuses on conveyor belt checkweigher for ten years, from product appearance to performance, in order to meet the market demand for continuous innovation, has a great reputation in the weighing field.Recently, the topic of the use of checkweigher has become a hot search focus, Shanghai Shigan here to summarize the following three points, I hope you can treat correctly, effectively extend the life of weighing machine, and make the quality monitoring effect to the extreme.


1. Operation manual of check weigher

Each brand of different series of check weigher, there will be corresponding instructions, the purchase of enterprises before using check weigher, must carefully read, and familiar with the product buttons and functions.Although equipment manufacturers will assign professional technicians to the customer's production line for professional training and guidance, the use of enterprises should not overlook the importance of checking the operating instructions of the weigher.

2. Operator of check weigher

Check weigher operators need professional training, must be familiar with all the functions of the equipment, can operate the equipment, in order to make the best operation of the equipment.Of course, the operator also needs to know some troubleshooting skills, when the equipment problems, can timely find and feedback to the technical personnel for maintenance, as far as possible to reduce the loss.

3. Proper use principle of check weigher

Check weigher is a combination of the latest mechanical and electrical technology and safety considerations, improper use will also cause harm to the person or a third party, or damage to the equipment itself and other property.It can operate only if it is in good technical and safety condition, and any possible maladjustment and problem, especially safety problem, must be eliminated immediately.While devices are only used for dynamic and static weighing, other applications are prohibited.

I hope the above three points can help you in production and life. If you still have questions, welcome to click here to consult!

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