Common mistakes and solutions of metal detection machines in pharmaceutical industry(1)

2020-08-25 09:59:36

Metal detection machine as known as metal detector.

Pharmaceutical producing enterprises in the actual use of the drug metal detection machine, enterprise quality management department did not demand, or operator does not perform relevant regulation of the development of the company, in the drug product during the running of metal detection machine not periodically detection performance (sensitivity), but has a strong randomness, want to go to the confirmation, usually do not pay attention to won't go to double check.Common misconception: Sensitivity validation must be done at regular intervals.


1. Common misconceptions

In the process of using metal detectors, some enterprises use standard test blocks to confirm their detection accuracy, but the time difference between the two has not been determined.Often there will be frequent inspection or disdain to check the problem, and even some people have a fluke mentality, found the abnormal will be rushed to the sensitivity test, not unusual when there is no basic habit of this test.All these are not only not conducive to the normal operation of the metal detection machine, but also easy to cause problems such as missed inspection and false inspection of products, which will lead to the increase of subsequent rectifying costs. Therefore, enterprises must pay attention to this kind of common mistakes.

2. Myth solving

Generally, the sensitivity of the machine is tested with standard test blocks provided by the manufacturer (iron, non-iron and 304 stainless steel) for about 10 minutes after the machine is started.In the later normal product online testing operation, should first switch, adjust the sensitivity of the instrument, and then combined with the actual product test.At the same time, in the process of use, it shall be confirmed with standard test block every 30-60 minutes, and at the end of product passing, it shall also be confirmed with standard test piece.Only in this way can the metal detector maintain normal operation during the use of the process and ensure that the product through the occurrence of abnormal deviation corrective measures can be conveniently and economically implemented.

In addition it is important to note that in the standard test block test drug metal detection machine, the correct way is: will, in turn, the standard test blocks on the left of the conveyor belt, middle and right three position through the metal detector, and there is no product effect of objects (such as bubble) auxiliary mat high the height of the test piece, make it through the middle of the metal detector location (that is, the signal is the weakest area), to ensure that the product through the metal detection instrument, metal foreign body can be successfully detected.After the above steps are completed, the standard test block is placed into an actual qualified product and the previous steps are repeated for confirmation.All qualified and recorded before the completion of a daily metal detector operation status confirmation.

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