Can you use the online checkweigher correctly on the assembly line?

2020-08-24 11:33:07

Online checkweigher as known as check weighing machine,sorting scale,weighing machine,weight checker,weight inspector and etc.

Online checkweigher on the assembly line is a kind of dynamic weighing equipment on production line, which can detect 100% of each product weight and divide the product into two or more groups according to the weight.It is suitable for packaging terminal process testing of products, and provides a more economical solution for simple on-line weight testing. It has the characteristics of fast detection speed, high measurement accuracy and strong expansion performance.The maximum identification speed varies with the state, length and conveyor speed of the measuring object.The minimum precision of the special online checkweigher for assembly line varies with the state of the gage.


Advantages of online checkweigher:

1. Check the weight of pre-managed products on the production line, sort out the quantity, insufficient weight and excess weight to prevent defective products from leaving the factory.

2. According to the standard weight of the products, the excess or insufficient quantity of the products in the boxes or packing boxes shall be sorted, and the products in the factory shall meet the standard quantity.

3. According to the standard weight value of the product, the abnormal state of the product shall be sorted, and only excellent products shall be discharged.

4. If the product is assembled, the standard weight value of the product shall prevail, and the spare parts and decorations shall be measured and confirmed.

5. The equipment is connected with other auxiliary devices to increase the efficiency of inspection and effectively manage production.


Update the standard weight value during the operation of the online checkweigher on the assembly line, control the production instrument and automatic filler at the front end, keep the balance of products and reduce the defective rate.This product selection range of various types of washing, paper bags, plastic molding, plastic, bottles, boxes and other packaging or unpacked fixed items.For example, the packaging has been confirmed by the same situation, applied to the measurement and sorting of various products.

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