Bottled medicine checkweigher with clamping conveyor-Beijing ZIZHU Pharmaceutical

2020-11-18 14:21:12

Bottled medicine checkweigher with clamping conveyor specially used for online inspection of bottled products. The birth of the modified device has greatly improved the production efficiency and quality of the enterprise. Checkweigher with clamping conveyor can be embedded in the production line, matched with various packaging equipment or used alone; through quantitative settings, online inspection of each Product weight, automatic identification of underweight and overweight products and automatic rejection. Become a necessary equipment for many industries. It is a new high-tech product integrating conveying, weighing, metering and control.Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co,. Ltd is a professional checkweigher manufacturer,focus on various assembly line weighing problems, all products can be customized,welcome to contact me!


Beijing ZIZHU Pharmaceutical using our bottled medicine checkweigher





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