What problems should be paid attention to when transporting high precision checkweighers?

2020-12-23 14:29:35

1.Some customers are worried about damage to the delivered goods when they are shipped. What should we do if we do not guarantee the warranty. Today is to dispel everyone's doubts and popularize our delivery process.

2. First, we will adjust the accuracy and speed that we have confirmed with the customer before delivery, and then install the protective screw to prevent the accuracy of the sensor from being impacted on the road, and the customer will remove it directly after receiving the goods. After the protection screw is plugged in, it can be used directly.

3. All our products will be wrapped with protective film first, and a wooden box will be used to fix and protect our high precision checkweigher to avoid damage during transportation. The voids in the wooden box will also be filled with foam to prevent bumps during transportation. If it is damaged accidentally, please don't worry, contact our staff immediately and let us handle it. We have a one-year warranty. If you have any questions about the checkweigher, you can contact us at any time. After the warranty period, you will only charge a cost price for replacement of parts so that customers can afford it and use it.


We are Shanghai Shigan, your side checkweighing and sorting solution provider. If you also encounter customer complaints caused by fewer or missing packages, manual sorting is not efficient, and electronic scales cannot meet the accuracy, please contact me. Welcome everyone to visit the factory or contact us at any time!

The above are some common knowledge about checkweigher I shared for you today. Later, I will bring you some common knowledge about automatic checkweighing and sorting for your reference.

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