The delivery site of 21 checkweighers ordered by foreign companies in our company!

2022-08-17 11:55:05

Today is a real shot of the delivery site of 21 inline checkweighers machine purchased by a foreign company on our website.

The customer found us on Google. According to repeated communication, he had an in-depth understanding of customer needs. The customer also believed us. A total of 21 units were ordered at a time. Our factory expedited delivery for the customer. Generally, our delivery cycle is 7 Days, except for non-standard customization. Our checkweigher is a high-speed and high-precision online checkweigher. It adopts a dynamic weight signal processing system and a wealth of software, electronic and mechanical options, so that this series can meet the needs of online inspections in all walks of life. heavy requirements. The modular design makes the series easy to use and maintain. The product parts are easy to disassemble and clean with water. The electrical components used are waterproof and easy to use. It can store the parameters of 100 kinds of materials with different weight specifications, which is convenient to use.

These 21 checkweighers will be in the hands of customers immediately, I believe it will greatly improve customer satisfaction, we carefully check each machine before delivery, one year warranty, lifetime maintenance! A cooperation, a lifelong friend!

Delivery site picture:

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2. Low cost of use and maintenance The human-oriented digital intelligent and modular design has excellent performance and convenient operation and maintenance.

3. Strong R&D and design capabilities can be customized according to the special requirements of customers.

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