Talk about automatic online checkweigher

2020-07-23 13:43:41

Automatic online checkweigher is a kind of on-line check weigher with high speed and high accuracy. It can be integrated with various quantitative packing production line and conveying system. It is mainly used for online check whether the product weight is qualified, whether there are missing parts in the package, and provide feedback signal to adjust the feeding equipment.


Composition of online checkweigher:

It is composed of weighing conveyor, controller and inlet and outlet material conveyor.The weight conveyor collects the weight signal and sends the weight signal to the controller for processing.The feeding conveyor guarantees sufficient spacing between products mainly by increasing speed.The discharging conveyor is used to transport the tested product away from the weighing area.

The functions of automatic online weighing scale fully adapted to the characteristics of enterprise automation production and metering management needs, in addition to display dynamic test weight, and more than standard weight division, can store 100 product data, hierarchical password protection, according to team, product variety, product batch, time period, qualified and unqualified statistical inspection data, respectively set up positive and negative tolerance values, can control the packing quantity.


The automatic online checking weigher feeds the checking information to the quantitative packing control system in real time.The packaging bag which exceeds the allowance of measurement is eliminated automatically and alarm is given automatically.For the old production line, the packaging actuator can be controlled to stop the packaging and manually adjust the setting when the packaging bag exceeds the measurement tolerance regulation.

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