Causes of false alarm of metal detector

2020-07-24 09:01:44

Causes of false alarm of metal detector

1. Check whether there is interference in the power line. If there is large noise, please use the power isolation transformer to supply power to the metal detector.

2. Check whether there is frequency conversion equipment near the metal detector. The frequency conversion equipment will cause great interference to the metal detector. Please move the metal detector away from the frequency conversion equipment.

3. Check whether there is strong magnetic field or large metal block around the metal detector. The strong magnetic field and large metal block will change the magnetic field around the metal detector, thus giving false alarm.

4. Check whether the sensitivity and phase are at the initial position. If the sensitivity is too high or the phase changes, the product effect will increase, resulting in false alarm. Please adjust the product signal suppression again. Generally, non-metallic materials tested have certain product effect, which directly affects the performance of metal detector. The digital metal detector side uses the ability of digital signal processing to compensate the product effect, which can reduce the influence of product effect on the metal detector in the working process. The detection performance of metal detector can be improved.


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