Shanghai Shigan will taken part in INTPAK

The full name of INTPAK is Shanghai International Processing and Packaging Technology Exhibition.Shanghai Shigan will taken part in INTPAK!Welcome to visit!


No.TimeBooth Number areanumbering the register
August 12-14, 20203Y08

SG-100(1)_1.jpg SG-150 4已抠_1.jpg

                                                Online check weigher

SG-220(1)_1.jpg SG-300下坠式 1_1.jpg

                                               Automatic check weigher

SG-450 1已抠_1.jpg SG-550 1已抠_1.jpg

                                                Large range check weigher

金检称重2_1.jpg 金检一体机 2已抠_1.jpg

                                                 Metal detector and checkweigher

Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier that is concerned with the design, development, and production of CheckweigherWe are looking forward to your visit!

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