Five common culling methods of checkweigher

2020-07-20 14:16:18

As is known to all, there are many ways to check the weight, but the main way of elimination are panel tumover type,air-sweeping type,dropped type,push type and driving lever type.Next Shanghai Shigan for you to introduce these five elimination in detail, hope to help you choose and buy online check weigher!


Stretching baffle to separate faulty items;it is fit for packet content with thickness of less than 10mm,such as tablet,electuary and the like.


Using strong airflow blow to separate faulty items;it is fit for high-speed packet content like lightweight items.


Dropping carrier plate to separata faulty items with great area;others eliminate items that is thin,difficult to slide and easy to damage.


Cylinder pushing board moves fast to separate faulty items;it is common elimination method applicable to box-packed items with thicker packing;it is usually standard configuration of equipment.


Driving lever to separate faulty items,which is equivalent to push type and it is common elimination method and the configuration make the volume of eliminating part lengthened.

These are the five main ways of checking and weighing scales,Shanghai Shigan is a professional checkweigher manufatures and our company focuses on the research of check weigher, and all the culling methods can be customized.If you would like to know more,please click here to contact me!

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