SG-100 Air-blown online automatic check weigher customer using site

2020-08-15 10:53:11

To solve the problem of Liaoning Nirvana Pharmaceutical Co,. Ltd's medicine weighing,my company specailly designed online automatic check weigher for granule and bottled medicine.Can detect the unqualified products in the continuous production line, and perform the up-down line discrimination or automatic weight sorting control according to this, especially suitable for missing parts inspection in packaging products.The packing products pass the inspection and weighing test, the qualified ones are sent back to the original conveyor belt, the unqualified ones are removed (or the machine is stopped by alarm), and the products are classified and counted according to the setting.The online automatic check weigher can save manpower, improve efficiency, avoid deadweight loss caused by excessive packaging or customer complaints caused by insufficient weight, so as to improve customer satisfaction.


Field debugging picture and feedback




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