How to improve the accuracy of metal detector?

2020-08-20 10:57:21

Metal detector also called metal detection machine

For the products of many industry platforms, the accuracy of metal inspection has an important impact on the quality assurance, but the accuracy of metal detector is affected by many factors, so how to improve the accuracy of metal detector?


1.Change the frequency

Due to the different products themselves produce different product benefits, if we still use similar frequency to search, it is easy to have inspection errors. For a few products like meat, cheese and seafood, the detection frequency of the metal detector should be adjusted accordingly, otherwise the detection is prone to false alarm. Therefore, the targeted adjustment can be made according to different product characteristics, which can bring more accurate inspection!

2.Multi frequency characteristic identification

At present, metal detection machines are equipped with a variety of frequencies, using more than two frequency operation, can achieve a certain effect, can improve the metal detection sensitivity, this method is a compromise scheme, but for stainless steel detection, the improvement is limited!

3.Recognition of characteristics

We can also use the equipment to recognize the characteristics of product effects, select intelligent identification method to distinguish the difference between metal and product effect, improve the operation function of metal detector, and generally achieve good detection effect.

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