Do you know what a checkweigher is?

2020-07-09 21:29:07

Online Checkweigher also known as weighing machine, automatic check weighing machine and so on.

High speed ,high precision weight detection online dynamic conditions, and automatic sorting according to the weight parameter settings.According to the different settings of the application: sorting too light or heavy products, sorting missing products, according to different weight specifications to stop multi-stage sorting.Multi - machine weight tester up to 40 classes.


Working principle of checkweigher:

When the material is transported to the center of the weighing platform, the pressure is applied to the weighing sensor, and the sensor is deformed to make the impedance change. At the same time, the excitation voltage is changed to output a changing analog signal.The signal is amplified by an amplifier circuit and output to a meishin special AD converter, which is converted into a digital signal for easy processing and output to meishin special microprocessor operation control.According to the keyboard command and mette algorithm output this result to the display, display the item weight data.

The dynamic weighing system, which is composed of weighing sensors and other parts, is not a closed-loop automatic control system, but a special data acquisition system.That is, according to the signal characteristics and quantity values given by Mexinte dynamic weighing system, direct current components proportional to the mass are separated from it. Therefore, the current dynamic weighing method can be said to be a method based on signal processing.The error caused when the measured value replaces the actual value mainly depends on the interference during the dynamic weighing and the dynamic characteristics of the weighing system itself (i.e. the transfer function of the weighing system).


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