Inline checking weight scale,China checkweigher price

Type:              SG-300 Checkweigher

Accurcy:                         ±0.5-1g

Weight:                 About 80kg+44kg   

Lead Time:  


Quantity(Sets)1 - 1>1
Est. Time(days)20Negotiable


Customized logo (Min. Order: 1 Sets)

Customized packaging (Min. Order: 1 Sets) 

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                 Inline checking weight scale,China checkweigher price

Product introduce

    Shanghai Shigan is a a professional manufacturer and supplier that is concerned with the design, development, and production of checkweigher. Inline checking weight scale,China checkweigher price  is our company's sales trump products, has been deeply trusted and loved by consumers.

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Main advantages:

1.Precise reverse detection: The metal detector adopts high-precision imported on-off switch, with the curve fitting algorithm, can accurately complete the reverse detection

2.Depth customization capability: can be equipped with a scanning gun to meet the special requirements of deep customization and function development

3.Easy to operate Smart: The metal detector uses a wide LCD and wizard-style interface, allowing users to set up and operate quickly and easily

4.Safe and reliable data: metal detectors use FRAM safe storage technology to ensure system parameters and data security

5.Advanced manufacturing process: The metal detector uses stainless steel probes and frames, a variety of protection levels for customers to choose, adapt to a variety of production environments

6.Anti-deviation design of conveyor belt: The metal detector adopts a special conveyor anti-deviation design scheme to effectively avoid the deviation of the conveyor belt.

7.Rich peripheral interfaces: Configurable RS-485 data communication, PLC programming nodes, printer output, real-time data for production management systems, remote control, analysis, and monitoring, providing valuable traceability information

8.Efficient reject device: Eliminating devices such as stop arm, air blow, flap, push rod, etc.

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There are six culling options you can choose



     The products is suitable for testing the weight of a small single item whether is qualified or not.Automatically check if packing the finished weight range of qualified, and by sorting weed out unqualified products.

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About us

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Shanghai Solid industrial Co., LTD has a professional R & D team, including a large number of professionals and advanced technology.Shanghai Practical Co., Ltd. in the professional field has also obtained many patents!


Our Factory

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Our company has the strength to check the weight scale manufacturer, has the specialized design and the production team, welcome the general consumer to come to visit!

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Packaging & Delivery

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Packing Detail:

1. Each Machine with plastic film package first, then placed in a wooden case, wooden case with a foam  filling.

2. We loaded the truck with heavy trucks for loading the cargo to the harbor terminal.At the dock we pack the goods in containers and ship them abroad.



Our transportation methods include diversification, we can according to the needs of customers to choose the mode of transport, including shipping, land transport, air transport we are all supported.


Our service

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✔ Security:We are suppliers,Direct sales,More guarantee product quality, after-sales service and so on

✔ The professional services:Years of good faith service,Solve technical problems in various ways,After-sale no Worries

✔ The perfect process :Strict bill of lading, the specification of docking,Strict quality control

process,Strict debugging before out of the factory

✔ Powerful:Strong design team, accept orders and deliver quickly

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