Boxed Push Plate Rejection Online Checkweigher-Customer Case

2021-10-13 15:42:36
The automatic online checkweigher produced and sold by Shanghai Shigan has various specifications and models, which are suitable for various industries and various packaging products. Our company focuses on the production and research and development of online checkweighers. Next, I will introduce the use of automatic checkweighers in customer production workshops:

According to the characteristics of the product and the requirements of the customer, the ejection method is selected to eliminate the product, which ensures that the product is not damaged. The measurement accuracy is ±0.1g, and the speed is 160 pcs/min. It is directly connected to the downstream equipment of the customer's assembly line. The high precision checkweigher is used in the pharmaceutical industry. The tested product is a boxed liquid medicine. To ensure that the product is not contaminated, the checkweigher is made of 304 stainless steel, food-grade conveyor belt.

Picture of checkweigher docking customer production line:




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