Automatic Capsules Checkweigher Ultra High Precision Tablet Check Weigher
Automatic Capsules Checkweigher Ultra High Precision Tablet Check Weigher
Automatic Capsules Checkweigher Ultra High Precision Tablet Check Weigher
  • Automatic Capsules Checkweigher Ultra High Precision Tablet Check Weigher
  • Automatic Capsules Checkweigher Ultra High Precision Tablet Check Weigher
  • Automatic Capsules Checkweigher Ultra High Precision Tablet Check Weigher

Automatic Capsules Checkweigher Ultra High Precision Tablet Check Weigher


The main characteristics of automatic capsules checkweighers include high precision, high speed, easy operation, and easy maintenance. The range that ultra high precision capsule checkweighers can detect is generally from a few milligrams to a few grams, with an accuracy of 0.5mg or even higher. The weighing speed varies depending on the model and configuration, and can detect tens to hundreds of drugs per minute.



Automatic Capsules Checkweigher Ultra High Precision Tablet Check Weigher

Automatic checkweigher as known as online check weigher, weight checker, check weighing machine, check weight machine, weigt checking machine, weight sorting machine, and etc,.

The automatic capsule tablet checkweigher is used for sampling, weighing and testing during the production process, making it possible to increase the sampling quantity (all modules are sampled at once) and sampling frequency, thereby better controlling the weight of drug particles. The online granular medicine checkweigher can meet the online weighing needs of large-scale production in the workshop, improving efficiency. Our products have a wide range of specifications, sizes, and styles, providing various customized solutions. Welcome to contact us.

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Automatic Capsules Checkweigher

Capsules Ultra High Precision Check Weigher

Automatic Capsules Tablet Check Weigher


Weighing scope :5-2000mg
Display scale:0.1mg
Highest sorting accuracy:±0.5mg
Product specification:Capsule-00#-5#/Wafer-Φ5.5-Φ18mm/Thickness-3-12mm/Pill-Φ5.5-Φ12mm(Other sizes or shapes subject to testing)
Highest sorting ability :75000 PCS/HR/150000 PCS/HR/230000 PCS/HR
Number of columns:10 Columns/20 Columns/30 Columns
Power supply:AC-220V±10%, 50HZ
Compressed air:0.3-0.9Mpa
Use environment:15~30°C (The temperature change during use should not exceed the range of 1°C/h.Hunidity:30-70%(but no condensation)
Weight of Machine :350kg/500kg/700kg
Shell material:SUS304
You can select the best suitable model depending on the production volume.



Our professional engineers will design the most suitable ultra high precision capsule check weigher scheme for your production line, meeting the different needs of various complex production lines. In practical applications, we will continuously optimize and improve the capsule check weigher scheme based on the operation status of the production line and customer feedback, to ensure that it is always in the best working state.


1. No need to replace the mold, it can be used for particle by particle weight inspection of polished capsules of models 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and their extended types; It can also be used for particle by particle weight testing of tablets of various shapes and sizes.

2. Adopting a patented skateboard weighing structure, consisting of 6 * N inspection channels, the weighing is accurate, reliable, and easy to clean and disassemble.

3. The weight inspection speed can be adjusted by setting the vibration feeding speed or adjusting the tilt angle of the weighing platform.

4. The removal action is accurate and reliable, and the removal device is easy to clean and disassemble.

5. 6-channel calibration can be completed within 1 minute.

6. All channels can be cleaned and scrubbed without disassembly.

7. The dismantling of the single channel weighing chute can be completed within 10 seconds.

8. When the detection channel malfunctions, the channel can be closed at any time.

9. 17 inch industrial touch screen computer, capable of rotating 320 °, user-friendly interface, fast speed, large storage capacity, and high reliability.

10. Human machine interface language: Chinese, optional English.

11. USB and Ethernet interfaces, supporting Modbus TCP protocol.

12. During the process of feeding, queuing, weighing, and removal in the silo, the capsule shell will not be damaged or severely worn, nor will it cause deformation of the capsule.

13. Configure a micro needle printer, with the operator signing and confirming on the paper record, permanently stored, unchangeable, and with traceable quality.

14. There is a weighing sampling program set up, which can randomly check the currently weighed capsules and freeze the weighing data at any time, ensuring reliable weighing and accurate data.

The application scope of automatic capsules checkweighers is mainly concentrated in the pharmaceutical industry, such as capsules, tablets, pills, etc. In addition, it can also be applied in the detection of granular products in industries such as food, chemical, and metallurgy.



Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of online checkweighers and automatic metal detectors, providing technical services, development, consulting, and professional automation testing equipment for different industries! Our products mainly cover multiple industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, health products, daily chemicals, batteries, and light industry!  Our main products: online checkweigher, automatic metal detector, checkweigher and metal detector combo, roller scale, weighing labeling machine, and supporting equipment. Our machines are designed to help customers achieve automated production and management, and we continuously provide effective solutions to reduce costs and improve market competitiveness. Our machines are also exported to overseas markets such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

1. Packaging materials: International standard export packaging boxes are usually used, which have good wear resistance, shock resistance, and waterproof performance. The material of the box can be hard wooden boxes, plastic boxes, or export specific cardboard boxes.

2. Protective measures: In order to ensure that the weigher is not damaged during transportation, it is necessary to add sufficient filling materials, such as foam, shockproof cotton, etc., into the packaging box.

3. Identification and Marking

Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support. 

* Sample testing support. 

* View our Factory.

After-Sales Service

* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine. 

* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

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