Proper use of metal detectors and sensitivity adjustment methods

2020-07-30 15:47:45

Proper use of metal detectors and sensitivity adjustment methods

Proper use of metal detectors is very important for many enterprises, and the sensitivity adjustment of metal detection machine is the first step in the process of use, so how to use and adjust metal detectors?Next, Shanghai Shigan tell you!


Proper use of metal detectors

1. Turn on the power switch in BAI and hear the sound of "da" DU, it means the power has been switched on and the green light is bright.If the green light is not bright, it means the battery has not been installed or the battery has been in bad contact. If the continuous sound or continuous vibration means the battery cannot be used any more, a new battery should be replaced.

2. Sound and vibration switch selection: press the red button switch, and the alarm mode is vibration.Release red button switch and alarm mode is sound.

3. After the power is turned on, high-sensitivity detection can be carried out. The detection surface can be scanned around the measured objects with a hand and a handle.Stop scanning, alarm sound or vibration will stop, the red light will turn green.

4. Low sensitivity test: If you need to remove small objects from the metal, press and hold the low sensitivity switch.If there is metal object around the measured object, alarm or vibration will be issued. At the same time, the green light will turn red.Stop scanning, sound or vibration stop, red light turns green.Because the sensitivity is reduced by more than five times.So you tend to get bigger metals.

Sensitivity adjustment 

1. Sensitivity shall be adjusted if the detection range fails to meet the specified requirements or the sensitivity is too high to cause instability or sound or vibration is emitted even without metal detection and scanning of the human body.

2. Put the sound/vibration transfer switch in the "release" state and use a small one.A word screwdriver is inserted through a hole in the detector handle and turned clockwise.Until the sound is sounded, then rotate counterclockwise until the sound is not sounded, then rotate counterclockwise for half a turn until the sensitivity meets the requirements.

I hope this article is helpful to you! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

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