Proper installation of online checkweigher

2020-07-24 13:54:04

Online checkweigher also called autoamtic check weighing machine,sorting scale,weighing machine,weight checker,check weight machine and so on.

Choosing the ideal online checkweigher for your application is a good place to start, and making sure the online checkweigher is properly installed is critical. Calibrate the online weight scale to produce packages that are significantly higher or lower than the target weight of the product. This will not only ensure that you meet the requirements of the legal weights and measures, but also reduce product waste.Your target weight should be slightly higher than the weight stated on the package label to ensure that the average weight of the product lot meets the legal requirements.Accurate weight selection scale also allows you to set a more stringent product target weight tolerance, so that you further reduce waste, minimize the weight of the underweight products continue to enter the back of the production line.You should obtain innovative data monitoring software from the technology provider to integrate weight separation scales with other product inspection equipment in the production line.This allows you to identify overweight or underweight packaging and identify where errors occurred.


You can also alert the machines at the front of the production line to biased filling level trends and have them adjust their parts and fix problems.This proactive status monitoring can reduce product culling and waste.Before using a weight selector scale, be sure that it is installed in accordance with the weights and measures regulations, which include all the regulations in effect in the markets where you wish to do business.The original test product must be made available on site at any time for future testing and validation, and this responsibility rests with you, the manufacturer.

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