triển lãm thiết bị đóng gói máy móc thực phẩm qingdao

2020-07-09 21:54:21
Shanghai Shigan industial  Co., LTD attended Qingdao food machinery packing equipment exhibition.We are in J17,NO.3 and attracted a lot of customers to buy checkweighers.Let's take a look at the day!0.jpg Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise incorporating technology, research development and processing and marketing. The company has years of experience in weighing areas. It provides customers with cost-effective checkweigher, multi-level screening scale and corresponding auxiliary devices with excellent design capability and complete process control. The quality of product is reliable and stable. Some products not only surpasses similar imported products, but also exports to all over the world. It is popular with the masses of users and dealers and gains praise from them.3.jpg4.jpg微信图片_20180731093226.jpg微信图片_20180731093329.jpg微信图片_20180804155951.jpg
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