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2020-08-10 11:52:30
Online sorting machine as known as automatic checkweigher,checking and weighing scale,weighing machine,weight sorter and so on.Online sorting machine is a kind of high speed and high precision on-line weight inspection equipment, dynamic weight signal processing system, rich software, electronic, mechanical components, so that the series can meet the requirements of all walks of life on-line weight inspection.The modular design makes the series easy to operate and maintain.The parts and components are easy to be disassembled and cleaned with water. Imported electric components are adopted, with waterproof performance and simple operation surface.It can store the parameters of different weight specifications of 100 kinds of materials for easy operation and use.300-3.jpgThe overall development trend of online sorting machine is miniaturization, modularization, integration and intelligence.Technical performance trends are high speed, high precision, high stability and high reliability.Its functional trend is "smart", which pays equal attention to control information and non-control information of weighing measurement.Its application performance tends to be comprehensive and composite.1. Intelligent: Weighing display controller is combined with electronic computer.The intelligence of electronic computer enhances the function of weighing display controller;2. Miniaturization: small in size, low in height and light in weight, i.e. small, thin and light;3. Integration: balance body and weighing sensor, track and weighing sensor, balance body and railway line integration;4. Composability: the measurement range can be set at will;Hardware can be tailored to specific working conditions and environments, and hardware functions evolve towards software.Software can be modified and extended according to certain programs;Input/output data and instructions can be used in different languages and bar codes and can communicate with external control and data processing equipment;5. Modularization: for large or super-large load-bearing device structures, new varieties and specifications can be produced through the combination of segmented bodies.The modular split structure not only improves the versatility, interchangeability and reliability of products, but also greatly improves the production efficiency and product quality.At the same time, it also reduces the cost and enhances the market competitiveness of enterprises.6. Comprehensiveness: Expand new technology field, penetrate into neighboring disciplines and industries, integrate various technologies to solve problems such as weighing and measurement, automatic control, information processing, electronic weighing scale and computer network, weighing system and computer system to form a complete comprehensive control system.

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