máy cân tự động có cần làm nóng trước khi sử dụng không?

2020-08-11 11:34:29
Máy cân tự động còn được gọi là máy cân tự động , máy phân loại trực tuyến, máy kiểm tra trọng lượng, cân kiểm tra và cân, máy kiểm tra trọng lượng, máy loại bỏ trọng lượng, v.v.
There are many kinds of automatic weighing machine, from the general human check weighers to the electronic check weighers, it is more and more convenient, so in the daily life to see the use of electronic check weighers need to warm up, this is why?The following let Shanghai Shigan technical personnel for you to answer the automatic weighing machine why to warm up.100-1.jpgReason for preheating of automatic weighing machine 1:When the automatic weighing machine is switched on and starts to work, its display screen is not energized. Generally, it needs to be warmed up for a while. The display screen can be opened for operation in order to get accurate measurement value.If it is a new machine, when the external temperature is very low, the electronic check weigher should be left open at room temperature for a period of time, so that there will be no condensation when it is opened;
Reason for preheating of automatic weighing machine 2:Because automatic weighing machine is a precision weighing equipment, the weighing scales and electronic check the electromagnetic measurement, related to the working principle of the main is the use of electromagnetic force bring balance back to balance, the flat in the preheating stage, internal temperature rise, after a series of changes inside, electronic check the balance of weight balance will only in the condition of use;
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