chi tiết loại cân kiểm tra của shanghai shigan

2020-07-16 10:58:26
Chi tiết loại cân kiểm tra của Shanghai Shigan
Shanghai Shigan industrial Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production and development of weigh-checking equipment ,with more than ten years of experience in the weighing apparatus manufacturing industry.After thousands of days and nights of repeated research, now has a very complete weighing inspection system.Now,let's take a look at these checkweighers.
SG-100SG-100 (1) _1.jpg         SG-100 (2) _1.jpgSG-100.jpgIt mainly used to detect small and light things.High speed and high precision are required.
SG-150_1.jpg       SG-150 5 已 抠 _1.jpgSG-150.jpgIt is one of the most popular models.Max speed 150 pcs/min.This check weigher is suitable for many industries.
SG-220 (1) _1.jpg     SG-220 (3) _1.jpgSG-220.jpgThe series weighing scale mainly for boxed, bagged and slightly heavier products.Belt width 220mm.Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, health products, daily chemical, battery and other industries online high-speed packaging heavy application.SG-300SG-300 1 已 抠 _1.jpg    SG-300 2 已 抠 _1.jpgSG-300.jpgThe series checkweigher mainly for boxed, bagged and slightly heavier products.The difference with SG-220 is that belt width and weighing range.Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, toys, hardware, chemical and other industries online testing.
SG-450SG-450-2_1.jpg   SG-450-3_1.jpgSG-450.jpgSG450's main feature is to load things in weighing boxes and bags. Generally, the weighing range is 20-30kg before or after sealing the bags.Widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, industrial manufacturing, printing, logistics and other industries.SG-550
SG-550 1 已 抠 _1.jpg     SG-550 3已抠_1.jpgSG-550.jpgSG-550 mainly used for heavy and large things.
SG-D2204级5分选 (2)_1.jpg    4级5分选_1.jpgSG-D220.jpgThe main feature of this weighing scale is that it can be used for sorting more than one weight class at a time.
SG-JS220金检一体机 2已抠_1.jpg   金检一体机1_1.jpgSG-JS220.jpgThis machine integrates the characteristics of the check weigher and metal detection machine.The unqualified products can be removed automatically according to the weight during the detection of metal foreign bodies.
SG-8500金检称重2_1.jpg  金检称重3_1.jpg金检机.jpgThe core part of the metal detection machine adopts intelligent computer control system, which is used to detect metal impurities and foreign bodies in food, bread, steamed bread, dumplings, biscuits and other products, as well as metal impurities mixed in the production and processing of drugs, toys, clothing, shoes, chemicals, leather, knitting and other industries.
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