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2020-07-24 11:46:19
Would you like to know more information about automatic sorting scales?The industrial application of sorting and inspection weighers is in the pharmaceutical manufacturing, food testing and chemical products and other industries on the assembly line can replace manual, automatic detection of the weight of finished products machine equipment.Carry out transportation and quality inspection of finished products on production line.It can automatically screen out products that do not meet the standard based on an artificial pre-set standard, and overweight or underweight items will not pass through the next line.SG-550.jpgHow the sorting check weigher works: by passing the pressure of the item.When the finished product is transmitted to the scale, its own gravity will generate a pressure on the weight sensor inside the scale body, which is converted into a digital signal by the equipment inside the scale body.This digital signal is then converted into a specific number by the microprocessor inside the scale body, and this number is transmitted to the LCD outside the scale body for easy reading of product quality information.The scale is designed for products that are powdery and less liquid.Its scale body adopts the floor structure, the volume of the scale body is relatively small, it will be more convenient to use the installation, because it USES the touch screen design, so the workers in the operation without training, can learn to use.Moreover, compared with artificial scales, sorting scales also have high accuracy and sensitivity of weighing.Vai trò của cân phân loại trong lĩnh vực công nghiệp ngày càng rõ ràng hơn , trong sự phát triển của khoa học công nghệ và kinh tế thì cân phân loại cũng phát triển loại hình để thích ứng với sự phát triển của công nghiệp hóa. Cân kiểm tra phân loại là một loại cân phân loại.
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