як підтримувати автоматичний зважувальний апарат

2020-07-09 21:34:32
Автоматична зважувальна машина, відома як автоматична зважувальна машина, онлайн-зважувальна машина, сортувальна шкала, перевірка ваги тощо.Shanghai Shigan is a professional checkweigher manufacturers and supplier.Automatic check weigher is mainly used for automatic weight detection, up-down line identification or weight classification selection on various automatic packaging lines. It is widely used for online high-speed packaging weight detection in pharmaceutical, food, health care products, daily chemical, battery, light industry and other industries.Then the maintenance of weighing machine in a correct way can greatly improve the service life of the weighing machine. Next, let me introduce several methods to you.220-8.jpg1.Clean the scale bodyCut off the power and unplug the power cord.Soak the gauze, then wring it out, dip in a little of the zhi neutral cleaning fluid, and use it to clean the scale plate, display the filter and other parts of the scale body.Note: do not use any chemical solvent for cleaning, in the cleaning process should avoid splashing water into the scale body, if accidentally splashed into the scale body, must wait for the water to dry before switching on the power, otherwise it may lead to electric shock accident or damage the equipment.2.The level of correctionCheck whether the scale body is normal, if there is tilt, please adjust the foot of the scale, so that the bubble in the center.3.Clean printerCut off the power, open the plastic door on the right side of the scale, hold the plum blossom handle on the outside of the printer, and drag the printer out of the scale.According to the printer front end of the spring, loosen the print head, with a scale in the attachment of special print head cleaning pen gently wipe the print head, clean up the dirt, wiping out will cover cleaning fluid within the pen cap volatility, and then wait for two minutes, after waiting for print head cleaning fluid to evaporate adequately, then close the print head, the printer back to balance the body, closed plastic door, electric test, normal use after print clearly.Note: To clean the print head, you must use the cleaning pen attached to the scale. If the cleaning liquid in the pen is used up, you can find some clean soft cloth and dip it in a little anhydrous alcohol to wipe.Do not wipe the print head with other cleaning fluid or with a hard object, otherwise the print head will be damaged.4.Initialize the equipmentThe automatic weighing machine has the function of zero tracking and zero clearing when starting up to clear the foreign matter on the scale plate, so as to ensure that the scale can be started up and used when there is no wind around. If there is a little weight display after starting up, you can press the "zero clearing" key on the keyboard to restore the scale to zero.In the weighing process, ensure that there is no foreign matter around the scale touching the scale plate, the bottom of the scale should also ensure that there is no foreign matter, or it may cause problems such as inaccurate weighing.
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