що мені робити, якщо в динамічній вазі динамічної вбудованої перевірки є велика помилка?

2020-08-04 10:46:49
Що робити, якщо є велика помилка в динамічному зважувальному вбудованому?
Dynamic inline check weigher is a high-precision, high-speed device used for in-line weight testing. It is usually used at the front end of sealing machine, scanner, coding equipment or packaging machine line to double production capacity.It can also replace manual weighing to improve production efficiency and weighing consistency and reliability.What are the reasons for the excessive error of the check weigher?Let's see!220-7_1.jpgBig measurement error: 1.Check whether the installation of weighing equipment is firm, correct the position of the conveyor belt, measure whether the distance of weighing bridge is appropriate, whether the instantaneous flow is normal, etc.2.On the high side of zero: regularly maintain the inspection system of the weigher and clean and adjust zero operation.3.Large instantaneous flow fluctuation: align the conveyor belt with the center line of the tray.4.No accumulated value of load: clean the material box dust on the conveyor belt scale body, keep the surface of the weighing machine belt clean.5.Output value fluctuates frequently: the belt needs to be aligned with the center line of the tray and then recalibrated.6.Poor repeatability during calibration: if the speed signal of the online weight detection machine is not normal, it means that the weighing signal is not stable, and the weighing sensor terminal should be checked for good contact.
In addition to doing the following two things:A. Clean scale body: the specific method is to cut off the power supply, unplug the power cord.After soaking the gauze, wring it out, dip in a little neutral cleaning liquid, and use it to clean the weighing weighing tray, display the filter and the surface part of the sorting scale body;B. Horizontal correction: check whether the horizontal position of the online check weigher is balanced. If the position is tilted, please adjust the foot of the weigher so that the bubble is in the center.
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