чому ваги дуже популярні в харчовій промисловості?

2020-07-09 21:30:30
The application of weighing scales,as know as online checkweigher,in the food industry is very important.With the development of modern society, people's living standard has been greatly improved, and people have greater requirements on the quality of life, especially food, which is particularly important for human beings. The use of weight sorting scale ensures the quality and detection of food.300-1.jpg

In recent years, the production of a lot of food has basically completed the automatic production process, but due to the aging of the weight scale equipment, wear and other unknown faults, occasionally there will be food shortage, leakage, error phenomenon.Once the packaging leakage phenomenon, it is bound to form a serious negative impact on the company.So our food has to go through layers of weight testing before it goes out the door.Regarding the phenomenon of food shortage and missing loading, everyone uses the  weight scale as the inspection equipment of this problem.It has the precision level to meet your requirements, can quickly weight of unqualified products to remove.Weight scale is also called weight sorting machine, check weigher, automatic check weight machine,online checkweigher. It can carry out full inspection on the output products, and automatically eliminate the products exceeding the target weight or less than the target weight according to the set weight upper and lower limits.As for the packaged medicine, the weight of the missing or missing package must not reach the standard. The weight scale will recognize it immediately and automatically alarm and remove it.At the same time, the online weight will record and count the number of qualified, unqualified, total weight, qualified weight and other important parameters, for your production control, value budget to bring useful reference.The weight scale is an important factor in today's production and operation. Its function is far more than weighing, and it can effectively optimize the whole process of production.300-1.jpgЯкщо у вас є якісь питання, ви можете  натиснути тут,  щоб зв’язатися зі мною!

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