маска для зважування маски для обличчя - виробник автоматичної контрольної маски

2020-08-14 11:00:03
Facial mask automatic checkweigher is a kind of automatic weighing equipment can be equipped on the production line, but also optional elimination device.The automatic weighing machine USES large-size color LCD touch screen interface, which is simple to operate and intuitive to display.And the automatic weighing machine can directly replace the manual weighing, so as to improve the production efficiency as well as weighing, reliability.Our company automatic weighing machine models, but also according to user demand custom, details understand.
Facial mask automatic checkweigher photos面膜 检 重 秤 2.jpg 面膜 检 重 秤 3.jpg
Advantages of facial mask automatic checkweigher1. Adopt 7/10 inch “Weilun “ touch screen, simple operation and intuitive display.2 The weighing module adopts the German HBM brand. 
3.It can be set to store 100 kinds of product detection data to facilitate users to switch to use.
4.With empty package photoelectric automatic detector function;conveyor belt speed is adjustable, and with automatic learning function. 
5.The unique weighing frame structure ensures the stability of dynamic weighing data, and the weighing body is made of anti-vibration aerospace aluminum material to ensure that the machine operates in different environments. 
6.Automatic zero tracking system to ensure reliable detection data. 
7.The self-developed MCU system has a unique filtering algorithm to ensure the stability of the system. 
8.The mechanical structure is simple and the failure rate is low; Adopt button conveyor belt, which is convenient for disassembly, cleaning and maintenance.
9.Support customized multi-language, the default is Chinese and English. 

Shanghai Shigan industrial Co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research and development, production, design, installation, sales and after-sales service of online checkweighers, metal detection machines and other products.At the same time actively introduce domestic and foreign advanced technology innovation.And in view of the modern society to the checkweighers and other products of the technical requirements, in order to adapt to the high technology, high demand at the same time, the pursuit of the rationality and economy of the system, for the various industries to design, custom meet the customer requirements of the checkweighers and other products to meet the requirements of customers to improve work efficiency.If you want to know more information,please contact me!
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