la balance de contrôle semble soudainement une méthode d'inspection inexacte

2020-07-25 16:11:47
La balance de contrôle apparaît soudainement comme une méthode d'inspection inexacteIt is generally difficult to predict which sudden faults will be encountered when using the automatic check weigher, but users can know the troubleshooting method in advance and check the reasons step by step.The following is about the check weigher suddenly inaccurate fault detection method, if you encounter this kind of fault in the future can be checked one by one.150h.jpg
1. Check whether the parameter setting has been changed artificially;2. Whether the ambient vibration in the workshop is large or the airflow is large;3. Whether the spacing of incoming materials is as uniform as before;4. Whether the weighing platform is clean and whether there is foreign body stuck;5. Whether the conveyor belt of the weighing platform and the other two conveyor belts touch;6. Whether the screw protected by the sensor touches the edge of the scale;7. Whether the sensor is damaged or deformed by artificial heavy pressure;8. Whether the sensor wire and the motor wire are loose or too tight;9. Whether the position of photoelectric switch is adjusted accurately (especially if the object under test is abnormity)

Above 9 normal circumstances, need to contact the manufacturer for maintenance.When the cause of failure cannot be clearly judged, it is better not to disassemble the spare parts of the equipment at will, so as not to affect the service life of the check weigher.Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co,.Ltd focus on inspection, to provide technical solutions and industry weighing solutions, welcome to have the demand of customers call consultation!

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