¿Cómo eligen las diferentes industrias los métodos de selección adecuados?

2020-07-13 11:32:05
The traditional weighing scale is to manually weigh one product and one product with an electronic scale.This method obviously can not keep up with the development of The Times, no longer suitable for high-speed production line, so automatic weighing was born.It is a high speed, high precision checkweigher designed for high speed production line.
Automatic check weigher is a high-precision, high-speed device for on-line weight detection, usually used at the front end of sealing machine, scanner, coding equipment or packaging machine line to double the production capacity.It can quickly obtain product weight and make corresponding treatment, qualified products are transported to the next process, unqualified products are removed to the defective area, for batch production of automated production line to improve work efficiency, reduce the outflow of defective products.
SG-450 1 已 抠 .jpgWeighing process after the product enters the weighing conveyor, the system identifies the product to be detected to enter the weighing area according to external signals, such as photoelectric switch signal or internal level signal.Depending on the running speed and length of the weighing conveyor, or on the level signal, the system can determine when the product leaves the weighing conveyor.From the moment the product enters the weighing platform to the moment it leaves the weighing platform, the signal will be detected by the weighing sensor, and the controller will select the signal of the stable agricultural area for processing, so as to obtain the weight of the product.
Removal method of inspection weigher:1. Pushrod elimination: with medium speed, it is suitable for removing products with moderate weight such as missing bottles and parts in packing cases, such as beer in case and weighing and sorting of drinks in case.2. Flip-flop elimination: with medium speed, it is generally suitable for products in the fruit and vegetable industry, such as single vegetable and single fruit weighing and sorting online.3. Air-blown stripping: Compared with other stripping methods, it is very fast and suitable for light products or fragile products, such as medical gauze and medicine in box.4, eliminación de tipo palanca : la velocidad ocupa el segundo lugar, la ventaja es eliminar productos en ambos lados, generalmente utilizados en la industria de productos acuáticos, como abulón, clasificación de pepinos de mar.5. Eliminación de gotas : alta velocidad, generalmente adecuada para el lavado, productos químicos diarios, etc.
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